The Chronic Commissions Review and Bonus

Chronic Commissions Review: We will be discussing Chronic commissions review and bonus in this post.

Chronic Commissions: A Super Hyped Up Story or Truth?

As soon as the product released online, the sales page of the product “Chronic Commissions” got a lot of attention. The story of the evolution of chronic commissions revolves around a couch surfing Hippie who finally becomes millionaire by getting the money making secrets exposed by a NEW friend.

Some say that the product and story is another marketing trick while some say that the product introduced by Caleb Adams is something that hasn’t been known to even good old marketers. Infact, i have tested the product and have provided the insight below which will let you decide whether it is suitable for you or not?

Chronic Commissions-Another Crap Piece or Extraordinary Source?

At the prelaunch stage of chronic commissions, i was of the view that this product would be an utter fail because even many web pages started reviewing it, but no one said what’s the main strategy. If you research on online marketing products launched in past 2 years, then you will notice a big similarity that even though all the products claim something extraordinary, but on buying them you will find that about 80% of the times, the same old theme is repeated > “Rank Your Site to Page 1 of Google and Make Money”.

Chronic Commissions claims that on 5 clicks of the mouse, you will start making money, no one knows how such a claim can be made? So let’s see what’s the secret behind those 5 clicks?


NOTE: In bringing out this review, i have focussed on the core part only. There are videos and tutorials inside the product “chronic commissions” which give a step by step explanation of all the terms, the set up and everything related to it. I have leaved away such details because that would make my review at least over 10,000 words and the videos inside the main product can explain the stuff in well under an hour.


The chronic commissions set up lays down the following processes:

1) The user enters the Affiliate ID or Email list building Code
2) The user selects the pre tested offers or lead offers
3) The user then gets a “Source of Traffic”
4) The user starts promoting the offer/lead to above traffic source
5) The user makes money

In the basic steps laid above, the important step is the Step number 3. Why? Because to succeed in internet marketing, all one needs is targeted traffic. In online marketing, one can even make fortune by marketing the crappiest of the crappiest product with targeted traffic, but even the top quality products can be in loss if it doesn’t meets the base i.e targeted traffic.

So now when i have started talking of traffic, then the conventional figures come up into mind like high ranking website, google adwords, facebook PPC etc, but with Chronic Commissions, the traffic is left away from the two common traffic giants “Google and Facebook” and this is what the main secret of the success of Chronic Commissions. If you have tried to get traffic and sales either from Google or Facebook, then you might be knowing much closely that fighting on these two platforms (Big Google and Facebook) is a combination of hard work, money spending power and luck because this is where every marketer seeks to enter.

With Chronic Commissions, the traffic source has already been given to you i.e you will be given a list of 1000′s of targeted buyers and you have to select offer and benefit from them. So the source of traffic in the product “chronic commissions” makes it far better than other online marketing products. This is also the sole reason that the product has entered the top 3 list in Clickbank ruling over the well known sellers.

Final Thoughts on Chronic Commissions?

I believe that “numbers speak for themselves”. The number of copies of this product that have been sold has already made this product climb up to top 3 in clickbank. The product is still selling like candies because of the power of generating revenue from an unexploited traffic source. The product definitely has the power to bring in good profits online. So this sums up the Chronic Commissions Review.

Chronic Commissions Official Site
Chronic Commissions Official Site

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